On The Passage of Time

Yes I know my last post was three and a half months ago but time got away from me. And as I spent the last few weeks thinking of what my topic should be for this post I realized a reflection on the passage of time was best suited.

Worth The Wrinkle

I’m excited to share the new Clarins campaign with you! Basically today I’m sharing how everything in day-to-day life is #WorthTheWrinkle.

Color Study No. 7 | Pale Yellow

Yellow is a color that exudes energy and positivity. This Pale Yellow shade is more aligned with calm and optimism – which can be energizing in their own right. This pale yellow calms as it conjures up memories of the first house of my childhood. Textured wallpaper in the entryway – the feeling of running

Taking Time to DINE

Recently nine of my closest blogger friends and I met over a leisurely Saturday brunch. We were treated to a delicious meal at Cindy’s courtesy of the new DINE app from Tasting Table.

On Thirty

As I officially close the door on my thirties I can’t help but be joyful. Joyful for the lessons learned. For the “mistakes” made. For the love found. For the adventures taken. Joyful and Thankful and Grateful.