Easy Summer Patio Party

Easy Summer Patio Party
On Monday this week I hosted an Easy Summer Patio Party with Goddess and Grocer in Bucktown. The party was to demonstrate how easy throwing a summer party can be… and to celebrate the new site!

Hosting a patio party with your nearest and dearest doesn’t take much more effort than date night. You just need to know what to tell your guests! I’ve broken it down into Food, Drink and Atmosphere categories.


If you have a grill you can always throw a BYOM party. Meaning Bring Your Own Meat. Your guests bring the main dishes they desire to cook up; burgers, brats, chicken, veggie burgers, portobello mushrooms, and you provide condiments and toppings and buns. And the grill. Get it going to an even, medium temperature and let the natural born grillers handle things from there!

If you don’t have a grill available to you, serving food is as easy as ordering a sandwich tray from The Goddess and Grocer (here in Chicago) or from your local deli.

Mix up large format salads that people can dish out themselves. Enlist the help of your invitees if you want more than just one salad. For our party, The Goddess and Grocer served up a Watermelon Salad, a Farro Salad and an Apple and Fennel salad that were each perfect for a summer’s night!

Desserts are up to you. I honestly don’t think anyone would miss them but you could grab a box of ice cream treats to dish out if people do ask for dessert.



It is that easy! Ask you friends to bring a bottle of wine, their favorite craft beer and/or cocktail ingredients. We fell in love with Crafthouse Cocktails at our party! Crafthouse Cocktails are ready-to-serve cocktails that only need ice and are only improved with fresh lime and mint to garnish them. Each one has been handcrafted by world-renowned mixologist Charles Joly! You can pick up the Paloma, the Moscow Mule or, my favorite, the Southside at a retailer near you!

Grab a pack or two of disposable cups. It makes clean-up infinitely easier. I used strips of washi tape to label my cups with the night’s hashtags but you can easily leave the strips of tape blank so people can claim their cup by writing their name on it.


Good weather is a bonus but a wonderful time can still be had by all if the weather isn’t perfect. Use internet radio streaming apps like songza or pandora to set a light and fun mood at your party. If you have the ability to string twinkle lights around the party do so. Decorations are not really necessary because the whole point of this party is to basically pull it together on the fly.

I have created a Printable Party Tents template for you to create the little tent cards you see in the Crafthouse Cocktails table above. Use them to label your salads too!

I hope you see how easy it is to throw together a patio party. So, text your friends now and tell them you’re having them over tomorrow! Cheers!

Thank you to The Goddess and Grocer for hosting us at their new Bucktown location patio and for generously providing the food. Many lunches were had around Chicago on Tuesday with the leftovers! Thank you to Crafthouse Cocktails for supplying sips to sample and to Sarah who hung out all evening with us! Finally, thank you to everyone who came out. It means so much to me to see you there and I look forward to seeing you again soon!